Trauma Sensitive Yoga


What is it?

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is a research-based practice that is intended to support people in therapy for trauma--one event, several or chronic trauma.  Medical trauma, as well as physical, emotional and mental abuse trauma, social stigma trauma--all directly impact our relationships with ourselves and others.  TSY allows survivors to experience sensation in the body through simple postures and in small groups in a trauma informed safe space.  In this way, they may be able to begin to experience the relaxation response in their bodies and to become more available to what is happening in the present.  Trauma Informed Yoga classes are available, too, for residential, recovery, or other like programs.  Visit for research, samples, and information.

How to join TSY?

Students often find out about TSY through their therapist, sometimes a dear friend.  They contact me by phone or email and we talk about whether or not TSY seems like a good support at this time in their healing work.  If it is, then I send a packet for them to complete with their therapist.  

Where are TSY classes?

Please accept my apologies to anyone seeking TSY practice in a small group.   I'm taking a break from leading my private group classes at CHI this fall, so I can focus on several concurrent trauma group classes with agencies and my writing in this field of healing.  

When do TSY classes happen?

With a therapist's referral and blessing, I'm happy to meet individuals at CHI or at therapist's office.  My availability is  limited to Mondays.

Where have I taught TSY?

Center for Health Insight, Hallowell

Family Violence Project Shelter

Day One Recovery

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services (SAPARS) Support Groups, Lewiston & Farmington

Sexual Assault Support Services in Midcoast Maine (SASSMM) Support Groups, Belfast & Brunswick

Spurwink School, Cornville & Randolph

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MECASA) Conference

University of New England School of Social Work Trauma Program

Panacea School of Integrative Health, Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Big White Barn YTT

Downtown Yoga YTT

School Street Yoga

Auburn YMCA Trauma Informed Principles for Teachers Workshop

NAMI Conferences

Sea Change Trauma Conference

Nevola Symposium

Northern Light Collaborative of Therapists

VA Togus for staff

Phoenix House


Since I’ve taken TSY, I’m more aware of my body and I’m able to make better choices to take care of myself!  --K.

Recently, the hood of my car flew open and slammed against the  windshield as I drove on the highway at 70 mph. Miraculously, I was able  to pull over safely. I struggled to get my brain working to take the  appropriate steps to get help. As I do almost daily, I used TSY  techniques Beth taught me to be able to respond to the situation and get  the help I needed.  --K.

Beth does an outstanding job of making her students feel safe,  comfortable, and that their information is private.  She does not ask  about trauma history, and with her deep knowledge of TSY she doesn't  need to.  Her classes are always on time and she provides great  flexibility throughout the class in giving people options to make the  class feel like their own.  Additionally, as a veteran it has been  helpful for me to connect with other veterans.  It takes a big leap, but  I highly recommend connecting with Beth!  --M.

I have participated in TSY for a at least 3 sessions.  When I first  started I was ashamed of my body and I had a disconnect from it. The  shame interfered with my relationship with my husband (50 yes married in  September). Today I can honestly say that I have come to  like my body  and appreciate the wonderful things it does for me. I have also learned  how the yoga helps me to focus and breathe when stressed. The  relationship with my husband is so much more relaxed. much I truly  recommend this practice for anyone who has suffered any traumatic  event.  --J.