Upcoming Workshops, MiniRetreats & Series

Outdoor Sunrise Yoga on Kennebec June-August Tuesdays, 6-7A


This tradition of yoga on the dock returns June 4!  Join us for an inspiring, active yoga practice as the sun crests the Chelsea tree-line.  Sturgeon leaping, eagles, osprey, families of ducks and heron on the magnificent river are the best start of any day--especially Tuesdays.  Meet us on the dock of Granite City Park in Hallowell.  Bring mat, sunscreen, water, blanket, & cushion for end of class meditation.  Fee is $10.  Our fees are shared with Kennebec Land Trust.   To join the email alert list for weather and updates, email  beth@bethjonesyoga.com

Pop Up! Kundalini Yoga Class @CHI, Hallowell Monday July 15, 6-7:15P


Join me for a one-off Kundalini Yoga class that focuses on burning up excess fire to revisit and recolonize! your sympathetic nervous system--and calm. The world is too full of fear-filling, outrage-inducing, pain-elevating events.  Unless you're in a position of direct impact and power or in a group that directly addresses atrocities, you may feel pent up, instead.  Worried without relief of action. This is a block to your radiance and ability to mobilize your own power. And your power and support of the world may be as heroic as the assembling of art, a song, an unexpected action that raises someone's spirit and yours.  Dharma Kriyas are so helpful. If you resonate with this, and you want a challenge, message here to learn more!  $15 fee.  FMI, or to sign up, please send a note to beth@bethjonesyoga.com

Introducing Interoception & TSY @CHI, Hallowell Fri. Aug. 2, 4-6P (FULL)

Where the body is concerned, there are often no words, only sensation and our relationship to that,

In this two hour practice, interoceptive, experiential movement and a full TSY practice as developed by the JRI Trauma Center are offered, so that yoga teachers and all other interested people can better understand this practice and its influence on the trauma-informed movement in healing modalities.  All welcome.  $30.

Yin Yoga, A Cool Practice @CHI, Hallowell Mon. June 17-Aug. 5 9-10:15A (FULL)


By request, I'm offering Yin Yoga on Monday mornings this summer.  Yin asks us to use the weight and physics of a posture in order to stretch the cold ligaments and sinew that hold and bind our muscles, joints and bones.  The postures are held from 1 1/2-5 minutes.  Included in class times are restorative postures with props, supine rest, and silent, seated meditation to integrate the practice.  No flexibility or experience required.  Fee is $88 for 8 weeks.   As available, drop in students are very welcome.  Fee is $15.  Please contact first.