Kundalini Chakra Yoga

Sundays  *  Oct. 20-Dec. 15  *  1-2:15 PM

School Street Yoga  *  5 School Street Yoga  * Waterville

$88 for 8 weeks Series  (No class on Nov. 10)

Deepen your relationship to your own energy with this eight week series for the Chakras.  Using systems of exercise sets with breath, mantra, and meditations from Kundalini Yoga--the yoga of awareness--we'll experience the body's Chakras which are energy spirals that run along the spine.  Seven of them in the body; each associated with part of the glandular system.  the exercises apply pressure on this system along with the nervous system to create a particular effect.  No experience necessary.  Adaptations offered.  Come ready to move blocks that impede your balance and energy.  Sign up via School  Street Yoga at "Workshop" tab,

Holiday Reset Series

Yoga Nidra

Mondays @Center for Health Insight

Nov. 18-Dec. 16  *  6-7 PM  *  $50/5

Join me for five weeks to counteract the high times of the holidays with Yoga Nidra meditation.  Each class is one hour long. One yoga pose— svasana (lying down)— is all you need to know!  Light stretching and centering exercises to start.  All welcome!  Sign up in person or by email

Happy Solstice!

Kundalini w. Inanna Sisters

Saturday  *  Dec. 14  *  4-5:15 PM

School Street Yoga  *  5 School Street  *  Waterville

Be prepared to become the light as the season of darkness rolls in with Inanna Sisters drumming us through yoga that will stimulate well-being and deeply reset the nervous system.  This will be so fun!  Bring a headwrap for meditations, a shawl and water bottle.  All welcome, no experience necessary.  Rest when you need; observe and meditate through out as you like.  Winter solstice is the time for bringing ourselves into rhythm with quiet but first we move!  Sign up via "Workshops" at  Registration will open this fall.  

Winter Welcome

Yoga Nidra w. Cello

Saturday  *  January 18  *  4-5:15 PM

    School Street Yoga  *  Waterville


Treat yourself to a supremely gentle and healing afternoon with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation, and the beautiful sounds of Ellie Begin's cello.  Relax and restore for winter!  Sign up:

Monday morning practice

Gentle Yoga w. Yin

Center for Health Insight  * Hallowell

January 13-March 2, 2020

Mondays  *  9-10:15 AM  *  $88/8

Gentle Kripalu-style & Yin Yoga on Monday mornings is a thing with us!  Active warm up, long held poses, rest & meditation help integrate the practice.  All welcome!  Email for info

Sun in winter!

Root & Rise Flow Yoga

Center for Health Insight  *  Hallowell

January 15-March 4, 2020

Wednesdays  *  6-7:15 PM  * $88/8

This is a flowing yoga class based in a basic Ashtanga tradition which can build stamina, strength and focus by linking postures to breath--as sun or moon in the great rhythm of life.  This is an evening practice. Join us!