Monday morning practice

Gentle Yoga w. Yin

Center for Health Insight  * Hallowell

January 13-March 2, 2020

Mondays  *  9-10:15 AM 

Eight week series, $88.  $15, drop in

Gentle Kripalu-style & Yin Yoga is a thing with us!  Active warm up, long held poses, rest & meditation help integrate the practice.  All welcome!  Email for info

Monday nights @CHI

Kundalini Yoga

Center for Health Insight  *  Hallowell

January 20-March 9, 2020

Mondays  *  6-7:15 PM  * $88/8

In Kundalini Yoga, experience your own energy.  Exercises apply pressure on nervous & glandular systems to create particular effects and decongest energy for balanced energy.  No experience necessary.  Adaptations offered.  

Sun in winter!

Root & Rise Flow Yoga

Center for Health Insight  *  Hallowell

January 15-March 4, 2020

Wednesdays  *  6-7:15 PM  * $88/8

This is a flowing yoga class based in a basic Ashtanga tradition which can build stamina, strength and focus by linking postures to breath--as sun or moon in the great rhythm of life.  This is an evening practice. Join us! 


Yoga in the Sanctuary

Thursdays  * 12-12:45 PM

All Saints Episcopal Church    

169 Malbouns Rd.  Skowhegan

Simple yoga practices offered the first three Thursdays

of each month 

Sitting in pews or on cushions
For all seeking peace, stillness, quiet
FREE and open to all

Just show up!

Led by Beth Jones E-RYT 500, KRI, TC-TSY 


Kundalini Chakra Yoga

Sundays  *  Jan. 19-Mar. 8  *  1-2:15 PM

School Street Yoga  *  5 School St.  * Waterville

$88 for 8 weeks Series  

This is a continuation of a chakra-focused set of exercises that include breath, energetic and restful timed movements, mantra and meditation.  Rest is as important as movement in restoring and balancing chakras and energy over all.  This is a whole systems experience!  Come have fun with us!  No experience necessary.  These sets will be different, on the whole, from our fall sets.  Fee is $88 for 8 weeks.  To sign up, please visit  Under "Workshops"   Sat nam!


Kundalini Yoga & Inanna Sisters Drummers

What better inspiration to keep up with spring than practicing Kundalini Yoga to the magical Inanna Sisters Drummers?   Offered near the Equinox, the set of yoga exercises are designed to sync us up with earth's new year.  Bring a headwrap, shawl & waterbottle, if you like. All welcome!  Visit

Interoception & Embodiment

Trauma-Informed Principles of Yoga

Saturday  *  April  11  *  9AM-2 PM

School Street Yoga  *  Waterville  *  $125

This workshop will broadly cover the topic of trauma, the brain, yoga, interoception, and how yoga teachers and other professionals in the service field can become better aware of signs of trauma in their students or people they serve and can develop some tools for their toolboxes to meet the needs of people living with trauma symptoms or PTSD.  This workshop is only meant to be introductory.  All interested in this topic are welcome to join. 

To sign up, please visit www/  FMI, please contact Beth at