Upcoming Workshops, MiniRetreats & Series

Trauma-Informed Principles of Yoga Poise Yoga Studio, Lewiston Saturday, Nov. 10, 10A-2:30P

The Trauma-Informed Principles of Yoga workshop will broadly cover  the topic of trauma, the brain, yoga, interoception, and how yoga  teachers and other professionals in the service field can become better  aware of signs of trauma in their students or people they serve and can  develop some tools for their toolboxes to meet the needs of people  living with trauma symptoms or PTSD.  This workshop is only meant to be  introductory.  All interested in this topic are welcome to join--yoga teachers, school teachers, therapists, direct care providers, anyone interested in trauma sensitivity.  Fee is  $125.  FMI and to register, please contact Tisha Bremner at  poiseyogastudio@gmail.com

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Holiday Refuge: Yoga w. Guitar Center for Health Insight, Hallowell Friday, Dec. 14, 4-6P

Join guitarist Jeff Rojo and yoga teacher Beth Jones for a  music-driven, sound-inspired gentle yoga class this holiday. The  percussive guitar directly meets the body’s own strings--sinews,  tendons, nerves--often making it possible to let go the mind alittle  more quickly so the body can feel and allow. Meditation & pranayama  (breath work) open the class; deep rest in silence follows. All levels.   Fee is $30, payable to Beth Jones Yoga.  Location: Center for Health Insight, 98 Second St., Hallowell, ME.  Register: beth@bethjonesyoga.com

New Year's Kundalini Yoga & Drum Center for Health Insight, Hallowell Friday, Jan. 11, 4-6P

At the New Year, we make a vow; usually a kind of promise to  reform some bad habit or shadow side of ourselves.  This miniretreat  combines Kundalini Yoga, which always assists with bringing opposites to  center, with the elemental drumming of Alfred Lund, 5-Rhythms drummer  & energy healer.  The technologies of Kundalini Yoga can bring about  a feeling of your potential and your systems innate ability to find  balance between dark and light. Join us just after the New Year!  Chai  tea, handouts for chanting, and a gong bath to bring about energetic  clearing. All welcome. Fee is $40.  Space is very limited to 12.  Register: beth@bethjonesyoga.com

A T-I Exploration of Kundalini Yoga LIV Kundalini Studio, Portland Saturday, Jan. 12, 11A-3:30P

This workshop explores the application of Trauma-Informed  Principles of Yoga to Kundalini Yoga.  It will broadly cover the topic  of trauma, the brain, yoga, interception, and how yoga teachers and  other professionals in the service field can become better aware of  signs of trauma in their students or people they serve and can develop  some tools for their toolboxes to meet the needs of people living with  trauma symptoms or PTSD.  This workshop is only meant to be introductory  and is exploratory, meaning we may become thoughtful together and find  ways to adapt the necessary implementations of kriyas in an effort to be  trauma-informed.  A Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice will  be given as well as experiential exercises from Bessel Van Der Kolk,  author of The Body Keeps the Score.  All interested in this topic are  welcome to join.

Please bring a light lunch for half hour break!  Kara Seymour of LIV Yoga Studio in Portland is host.  Fee is $75 or $60 with a LIV Membership / info packet included.  Register: info@livkundalini.com

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New Year's Kundalini Yoga Series School Street Yoga, Waterville Sundays, Jan. 6-Feb. 24, 1-2:15P

For this new year to begin in peace, maybe we begin with ourselves, our closest allies within us.  In this seven week series, we work with the arts of Kundalini Yoga to cultivate calm awareness and to restore  from the holidays.  Find focus through careful, intentional sequences of movement, breath technique, mantra & meditation for your New Year's resolve to renew and remember your center.  This is from the popular Chakra Yoga series that's been offered at night in this beautiful studio over the years.  All are welcome, beginners & seasoned yoga practitioners from all methods.  Begin!  Fee is $88 for 8 weeks.  Registration: info@schoolstreetyoga.com

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Outdoor Sunrise Yoga on the Kennebec River, Hallowell Tuesdays, 6-7A

Coming up after Spring Equinox!  This is our habit--wake up to salute the sun, do some yoga postures, get to our jobs, our lives, our meaning.  Fee is $10 and shared with Kennebec Land Trust.  To receive Outdoor Sunrise Yoga alerts, join our email list--  beth@bethjonesyoga.com.  Stay tuned for the start date!